french new wave film
complete guide to the French New Wave and new wave cinema from around the world
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Anna Karina 400 Blows / Quatre Cents Coups Jean Luc Godard Brigitte Bardot Jean-Pierre Leaud Louis Malle Jules and JIm Francois Truffaut Breathless / A Bout de Souffle Catherine Deneuve Jean Paul Belmondo Jeanne Moreau Claude Chabrol Pierrot Le Fou

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French New Wave Film Guide
The 400 Blows
Need help on where to start?
we take you through the best loved french new wave films [read more]

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1961 Interview with the late, great
Alain Resnais

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Updated! Top Ten Lists
Jules and Jim
Already seen the classics and ready for more?
we break down the best of the best, by director, actor, style, and content [read more]

  • NEW! Our Top 10 Jacques Demy Films


    While his contemporaries were drawn to the aesthetics of Film Noir and Italian neo-realism, Demy loved the style and sentiment of American musicals, which he reset in a French context and transformed into something magical... [read more]

    Jacques Demy Top 10
  • NEW! Win a Copy of the new Richard Roud anthology, Decades Never Start On Time


    This new book includes previously unpublished archival material - from an unfinished study of Truffaut, to extracts on film-makers such as Straub-Huillet and Ophuls... enter our trivia contest for a chance to win your copy! [read more]

    Richard Roud
  • Astruc's renowned 'La Camera-Stylo'


    A seminal article of film theory and an important influence on the French New Wave, Alexandre Astruc conceived of a total cinema in which every component should have equal importance. [read more]

    La Camera Stylo
  • American New Wave


    From the 1950s to Direct Cinema to New Hollywood, learn all about the rise of the American New Wave in our new section. [enter here]

    Emmanuelle Riva
  • French New Wave Women's Fashion


    We explore the style and influence of the French New Wave directors and their starlets on the fashion world from the 1960s to today. Includes a special feature on style icon Anna Karina! [read more]

    Anna Karina Fashion




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