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Nameless Star  
Henri Colpi
1965 || 85 mins

One autumn evening in a small provincial Romanian station, a young mathematics teacher (Claude Rich) awaits the arrival of a train. It carries on board a book written by a famous scientist on the subject of a new star that the teacher, an amateur astronomer, discovered. He receives the book, but also, as the train pulls away and the smoke clears, he discovers it has also left behind an unexpected passenger. Mona (Marina Vlady) is a beautiful woman wearing an evening gown who took the train on an impulse after arguing with her lover earlier in the evening at a casino. The young teacher offers to take her in, and over the course of the night, they fall in love. But the arrival the next morning of Mona’s lover offering to take her back to the bright lights and the big city threatens to put a stop to their fairytale romance…

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